• Preparedness + Bushcraft = True(?)

    Preparedness + Bushcraft = True(?)

    From doomsday dismissals to a preparedness revolution – the new frontier isn’t just about gadgets, but the ancient wisdom of survival skills.

Bushcraft, eh?

Bushcraft is about the art of surviving with less in nature. Surviving on nature’s conditions and at the same time minimizing the amount of gear you need.

The more you know, the less you carry.

Mors Kochanski

To practice bushcraft is essentially the same thing as practicing survival in nature, while at the same time being comfortable. Instead of trying to get back to civilization as quickly as possible, perhaps you create a small shelter with the comforts you need; a campfire, a chair, a nice bed with protection against the envorinment.

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  • Kustnära Bushcraft: Bland segelbåtar och polynesiska katamaraner


Reading is good for you! We recommend that you always have a book with you in your backpack. Get a fire going, make some coffee and sit yourself down comfortably and read for a bit.

Here are some books on bushcraft and the outdoors that we believe you might be interested in (more books can be found here):

Elsewhere in the digital forest

Never trust a thought that comes to you indoors

– Friedrich W. Nietzsche

Being able to relate to your environment is an essential part of Bushcraft! It’s also very good for you and also enjoyable to get to know some edible plants, different methods for catching fish och small game!


Flora contains no less than all of the plants you find in nature! All trees, bushes, and herbs, down to the smallest summer flower. In Sweden we have about 250 edible plants, of which we only use a small number in our diet. Some of the plants are even great, or even nessecary for our well-being. A couple of examples of plants are: Ledum Palustre, a plant that some people are praising for its positive effects, while some claim it’s the viagra of the forests! Rosa Dumalis is one of our most C-vitamin rich plants in Sweden. Its berries can be picked fresh of the bush during the whole of winter!


Fauna, on the other hand, are members of the animal kingdom, of which we ourselves are actually included. However, people usually talk about the natural ecosystem in the forest, from which man has now distanced himself a bit. The wolf is a much-debated part of the natural system, but has come to compete with man in recent times.


This category includes all mushrooms, lichens, slime mold, and more! This is a very interesting group that we learn more about on a daily basis, everything from new natural remedies for various ailments to its properties for the shamanic rites of our ancestors. Some fungi have even been observed hunting their prey with everything from poison to arrows and traps, while others are helping scientists to streamline subway systems.

Bushcraft.nu is a website about bushcraft, survival and other similar outdoor activities.

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To us Swedes, the term bushcraft is kind of a new one even though we’re no strangers to the outdoors! In other parts of the world, in particular the US, Great Britain and Canada, the term bushcraft have been used for a long time when speaking of survival in the wilderness. There’s a great charm in the simplicity and to be able to make it on your own with less. That goes as much for real life as it does for being in the woods!

Survival is the other side of bushcraft. This is where you focus on skills and techniques that may help you in a survival situation, i.e. making a fire, building shelter or navigating.

Bushcraft is not a gadget sport in that you need as many expensive things as possible. On the contrary, it is often the case that the one who gets by with the least number of gadgets is the one who is looked up to! It is very important to have proven, proper and durable equipment with you in the forest! In some cases, you are completely dependent on the knife to get through the night. Even when it comes to the axe, you rarely choose a small tactical variant with speed stripes on the sides over a classic normal-sized axe!

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