The Forest

In the Forest category, we house everything that has to do with the nature around us. Sometimes the articles are about edible plants or mushrooms, and sometimes about animal behavior and things related to animals. Fungi and similar organisms are probably the category we know the least about and can therefore be extra interesting to look at, both from a purely nutritional perspective, but also from a historical and anthropological perspective.



  • Wolves (Canis Lupus)

    Wolves (Canis Lupus)

    There are few animals with which we have such an ambivalent bond as the wolf. As much as you link strength, courage and cunning to wolves, it can also be linked to fear, cruelty and destruction of property in many.

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  • Crows (Corvus Cornix)

    Crows (Corvus Cornix)

    Intelligent Tricksters Who Keeps the Neighborhood in Order! The crow (crowbirds) is one of the most common birds we come across. Some love them while some others loathe them. What is certain is that it is a very smart animal that remembers when people misbehave with them. It’s even so bad that they pass on…

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  • Networks of the Forest

    Networks of the Forest

    Among Slime Molds and Mushrooms We humans tend to be quite quick to congratulate ourselves on our achievements in creating vast worldwide networks, machines and other inventions. What was unknown to us until very recently is that we were not the first to do this! No, I’m not talking about the aliens who live under…

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