Survival is the other side of bushcraft. There, the focus is mainly on techniques that can be useful in an emergency situation, such as the art of making a fire, building shelter, navigating, etc.

Bushcraft in media


As with everything else, there is a lot on Youtube about bushcraft! Here are a couple of the channels I myself have appreciated very much over the years. Please enjoy!

Paul Kirtley

Paul possesses a huge amount of bushcraft knowledge and has made a great many videos over the years. Most of it is on his Youtube channel! This particular video is a very good overview of important knowledge to keep track of when you are out practicing bushcraft!


Another British gentleman who was fairly new to Youtube when I started following him many years ago. Very atmospheric and content-rich films with varying content; everything from hunting, camping and wild plants to crafts and How To videos. Linking one of the first movies I saw of him!


When it comes to bushcraft, a lot of new things have recently appeared in the shops. It can be quite difficult to know where to start and which author to take a closer look at when starting out. Here are some tips on authors that I personally appreciate and can recommend!

More tips can be found here!

Lars Fält

Lars is one of our most famous and recognized survival experts and book writers. He has written several books on the subject of survival and outdoor life. He was also co-author with Stefan Källman and Harry Sepp of the book Survival on Nature’s Conditions, which was among the first to list and find out the nutritional value of various plants that are important for survival. A slightly more light-hearted book is Uteliv met grandfar, where the child is the focus. Lots of inspiration for what you can come up with yourself to get the younger generation more interested in nature!

Ray Mears

Ray is also a legend in bushcraft and has written several books about bushcraft, nature and outdoor life. His book We are nature: How to reconnect with the wild is a fantastically enjoyable book for anyone who wants to learn how to get closer to nature! The book Wilderness chef: The ultimate guide to cooking outdoors also contains a lot of interesting tips and ideas about cooking in nature!

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