What is bushcraft?

Bushcraft is a relatively new phenomenon in Sweden. Abroad, in the USA, Great Britain and Canada, the term bushcraft has long been used for another side of survival in the wilderness. There is a great charm in simplicity and getting by on less, something that surely many in today’s society can relate to. This applies just as much in real life as in the forest, where it is easy to drag far too much stuff out with you, which usually results in a heavy and uncomfortable backpack.

To me, bushcraft can be divided into several sub-categories. It’s not just about actual survival, or carving a lot of kuksas by the campfire. Bushcraft is as much about the drive to become better, both at the specific tasks, but also in general. Always improving and honing your skills. Should one be missing this drive to become more skilled he or she will probably sooner or later either stop with the activity or start purchasing gear and all the extra comforts they can get their hands on. All to avoid the discomfort of learning to live with nature and instead using technology to live despite nature.

Of course, our society is based upon this principle of avoiding all unnecessary discomforts. However, I’d argue that it can be quite valuable, even in a modern society, to have at least some of the skills set of a seasoned bushcrafter. Nature seem to genuinly make us happier, and bushcraft lets us get closer to it and feel its essence.

To help possibly get started a little more and to our view and philosophical approach to nature and outdoor life, we have written a couple of introductory articles on the topic. “What is bushcraft?”

1. Introduction & Philosophy (SWE)

2. Clothing (SWE)

3. The Knife, Axe & Saw (SWE)

4. The Fire (ENG)

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the subject and perhaps wondering what the next step is, you can delve into how to get started!

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