What gear do you need to practice bushcraft? Not many, but a rucksack and an axe is pretty much a requirement!

A few good tools!

Bushcraft is not a gadget sport in that you need as many expensive things as possible. On the contrary, it is often the case that the one who gets by with the least number of gadgets is the one who is looked up to!

It is very important to have proven, proper and durable equipment with you in the forest! In some cases, you are completely dependent on the knife to get through the night. Even when it comes to the axe, you rarely choose a small tactical variant with speed stripes on the sides over a classic normal-sized axe!

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    The Bushcraft Rucksack

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    Vad är Bushcraft: #3 Kniven, Yxan & Sågen

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    Bushbox: Din portabla eldstad

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